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Published Date: June 26, 2018 | Categories: Web Designing

A business logo can be a very important and integral part of the identity of the business. It is the face of a business, and an invitation to millions to join the bandwagon and to try the quality products and services. Your business logo not only makes you stand apart in the competitive world, but also facilitates the loyalty that is created through your promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns, referrals, and in other ways.

While the logo can be very important for the business, the font used for creating the logo is also immensely important. The use of incorrect font can spoil the whole theme and idea, and may generate effects that are just opposite to what is desired. If you are wondering which fonts can be best for your logo design, we have here a list of 20 to help you out.

  1. Adelaide

This particular font has a very polished and classy look. It transits smoothly between the different thin and thick literary effects. The balance and the overall luxurious effect has been achieved very delicately.

  1. Azedo

When you have a creative or a kid-friendly brand, you would like to have the Azedo font for your logo. The fun-filled horizontal lines have been pushed downwards, and are curved as well. Designed and created by Pedro Azedo, the font is quite is quite unique.

  1. Manhattan

The exquisite and thin lines of Manhattan font give your logo a very classy, modern, and unique look. This particular font also pairs well with many other fonts. It can be used for brands dealing in luxury and is also good for headlines and titles.

  1. Axis

If you are looking for simplicity in your logo design, and want a more uniform look that works well with the magazines, Axis should undoubtedly be your preference. The font involves remodeling of the letters and looks quite good when used for the logos of sports brands.

  1. Elaris

When you want to mix modernity with grace, Elaris can be the right choice. Any brand dealing with lifestyle and fashion will find this one deserving. The font can grab attention instantly and when added with right logo design, it is a sure-shot hit.

  1. Modeka

The distinct edges and stems of this font make it very unique. The futuristic and sophisticated lines of the font can be contributed to its geometric patterns as well. Technology brands that look for simple and minimalistic designs will find Modeka preferable.

  1. Leyton

The font has a very aristocratic, unique, and pleasing charm. The highly modernized look has a grand way to depict. The luxurious products and brands can go for it. The font is quite a hit when used for titles and headlines as well.

  1. Quantify Bold

This font has a bold and confident look and is good for companies working in the IT Solutions sector and industry. There are clean cuts that create inquisitiveness, while the closed counters can entice the readers. The modern and unique font can be used to create interesting logos.

  1. Marschel

It is a very pretty and romantic kind of font, which is inspired by Roman. It can be used to create timeless logos, and inviting headlines and titles. The twist is quite unique, and the font creates a rapport with the audience.

  1. Minimalust

For extraordinary uniqueness, try this font that has been inspired by hand drawings. The rounded corners, smooth edges, and vivid eloquence make the font appealing, and logos made using it lasting. The travel brands, and the hospitality and recreational businesses would find this font very attractive.

It is good to experiment and to have several models before reaching out to the final phase of logo design. As fonts create different, individual, and unique impressions, the choice should be made carefully.

Pankaj Kumar - Designing Lead

Pankaj sets the vision and strategy for LN webworks. With years of experience in design and development of web and mobile technologies, Pankaj brings his deep technical knowledge & creativity to deliver complex projects right as they’re required in the most innovative ways.

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