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An SSL or Secure Socket Layer certification depicts that your website is safe for the customers to buy products. It shows that the customers can share information, buy the offerings and browse the website safely, and there is no threat of hackers and frauds. The SSL technology ensures that the website is actively guarded against the worms, malware and other web creatures. The SSL certification creates an encrypted security layer in between the server and the website visitor’s web browser. The “handshake” process provides for a secure internet connection.

Once your website has been SSL certified, its address changes from HTTP to HTTPS. There are many benefits of the certification, and the reasons for the transition are unavoidable. Here are 5 important reason why your website needs an SSL certificate.

  1. Google will prefer your website

The full form of HTTPS is “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”, while that of HTTP is “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”. The “Secure” credential is added to the website name only when it gets the SSL certification. Most of the traffic your website would get would be through the Google search engine, and Google will not like to guide the customers to an unsecured website. Google also has a warning system, under which it marks the unsecured websites as dangerous. The HTTP sites are now marked as dangerous and users do not visit these sites for security concerns.

  1. Better visitor confidence

You will lose customer trust when you do not have the SSL certificate for your website. The HTTPS websites are more up-to-date and are also better maintained. Google “Chrome” today has more than 60% of the total market share. You would not like to lose on this front and will like your business to take advantage of the world’s most popular search engine.

  1. Faster website

The HTTPS websites are faster. Once the website transits to HTTPS you have the HTTP-2 access. This new protocol is very fast when compared to the older versions. As the latency gets decreased, the load speeds increase. A fast website is also more beneficial for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Customers get bored on the slow-to-load websites and their attention is grabbed by the other, faster performers. When you switch to the HTTP-2 protocol, you can have more online conversions, and consequently, your business revenues also increase. Faster websites are also more popular, and your reputation for being modern and update improves your market size.

  1. Affordability

Affordability is one of the greatest reasons for you to go for the SSL certification. You can get the basic version for no cost at all. The higher versions also do not cost much. You can pay in installments as well. Considering the benefits, the price is only marginal.


  1. Security at its best

The SSL certification improves the security aspects of the website in numerous spheres. It helps you to make your online business secure against many threats.

  1. Accept all kinds of payments securely: You can collect all your payments securely after your website is SSL certified. The customers will be able to pay through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and through other online modes of payment securely, as all information is encrypted. Customers will only shop at your website when they find all security loopholes fully covered. There have been many instances of stealing of credit card information on the web, and almost every online shopper knows how bad it can be to shop on an unsecured website. An SSL certification makes your business credible and reliable for the customers and enables them to browse and shop confidently on your website and e-commerce. Apart from saving the payment information, SSL encryption also ensures that the login-id and password are also duly protected.

  2. Secure the web forms: Even if you want to collect information on your web page and website, the SSL certificate is going to make the process secure. As the emails may be intercepted (many hackers are in search of information only), SSL certification does not allow the information to fall into malicious hands.

The SSL certification is now a necessity if you want to do online business. It has many security and operational benefits and also improves your revenues.

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