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Published Date: March 22, 2018 | Categories: iOS Apps

The Apple App store is the second largest digital application store in terms of applications and user access. It has been created and is maintained by the parent organization Apple Inc. Apps of the store can only be created with the use of iOS Software Development Kit. The Apple apps can be downloaded and used on the iPhone, Apple watch, iPod touch computer, iPad tablet and also on the new Apple TV. The apps provide greater revenue and bring more popularity to businesses, apart from serving many other purposes including advertising and marketing.

Apple App store has more than 2 million applications, the exact number being somewhere around 2, 200,000. The Apple App store lags behind the Android Google Play Store only in terms of applications, which has 2,80, 000 apps. iPhone App and iPhone development have been both benefitting the businesses for the past many years. Here are 6 major benefits of iPhone App Development for businesses.

1. You can make an App in many different categories

The Google App store has apps in many different categories. The most popular of these is the Games category, which has approx. 25% off all the apps. Other popular app categories on the store include Business (9.8%), Education (8.49%), Lifestyle (8.3%), and Entertainment (6.05%) (Source: Statista). Apart from these, there are also other categories including Utilities, Travel, Health and Fitness, Book, Food and Drink, Music, Sports, Social Networking, Shopping and many others.

As you can see the Apple App store has a segment for all businesses and you can make the best advantage of the digital available platform by placing you App in the right business category.

2. Loads of revenue

Since its Inception and creation in the year 2008, the Apple app store has generated more than US dollar 70 billion in the form of revenues for the app developers that have placed their App in the store in one or different categories. Apple products are aimed at high-end customers who have the capacity to buy your products and/or services and your Apple app helps you reach out to the right market segment easily.


3. Greater user interaction

The Apple users have been found to spend 26 minutes more on the iPhone and other Apple devices in comparison to the Android phone and devices users. Apple apps are considered to be more premium, and Apple phones are themselves a premium offering within the smartphone segment. A business can interact with a qualitatively better client base, which has a greater purchasing power, by having its App placed on the App store of Apple. It has been found that the Apple Play Store apps earn around 75% more revenue when compared to their Android counterparts.

4. An emerging platform with a bright future

Just like the Apple iPhone, the Apple Play Store has also been able to shatter many records. The Apple App developers earned around US dollar 20 million in the year 2016, which was 40% more than what they earned in the year 2015.

Apple has been planning to set up its manufacturing facilities in many new countries including India. The technologically superior products of the company are always preferred by customers worldwide, and the coming decades will see Apple strengthen its market position and customer base while also generating greater revenue. Your app and business will have a very bright future when you associate with Apple.

5. Reach out to billions

More than 180 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App store from the year 2008 to July 2017. Apple products including the iPhone and tablets are sold in more than 155 countries of the world, and iPhone development and product supply has often fallen behind the demand, causing a queue of customers. An iPhone app can make your business and offerings instantly popular across the globe.

6. Better security

Data security is one of the most important concerns of business organizations today. Data theft may result in huge losses, laws of consumer trust and many other fallbacks and problems that a business may also find hard to recover from. Apple apps are considered to be safest because of the proprietary and technologically evolved Integrated Data Handling System of Apple. There are strong security measures that have been implemented by the company that can prevent duplication of all kinds of data. Data encryption and other security measures are deployed and they also prevent hacking and intrusion.

Apple adheres to several strict quality norms, and the company prides itself on providing its users best-in-class and a superior experience for both its operating system and apps. While you may have to spend a few bucks more while creating an Apple App, it will always provide greater ROI (Return on Investment) and better popularity and reach within the target market segments.

We at LN Webworks can help you take your business to the next level, by creating best-in-class iOS app for you. Our experts have helped businesses across the world realize their profit and productivity goals. Apart from mobile app development, we also specialize in CMS development, web development (with proficiency in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla), e-Commerce development and quality assurance.


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