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Partnership Programs

We believe that Opportunities Enhance When We Move Together!

Underhood Partnership Program

In underhood partnership program, the pricing orders are generated exclusively under your brand. We will sign a NDA with you and our identity will never be disclosed to your clients. You can keep focus on the selling your services and we will take responsibility of the delivery of projects.

This program is specially for medium and large scale enterprises who seeks for a cost effective and quick and quality solution for their clients. It is also apt for businesses that do not own higher number of personnel, but handle huge projects. You will hold the right to determine price and market all the services as well as products under your name.

As you outsource projects to LN webworks, we commit to deliver high quality services to you while setting at the backend of your deals.

Referral Partnership Program

In the referral partnership program, you can earn by doing nothing. You just have to send the referral to us and we will handle everything, right from beginning to delivery. And after the completion we will share the amount we earned with you.

This program is recommended for small companies and individuals who have accessibility to large number of prospects and can sell our services to them. You don't need to have any technical experience, neither need to be include in the client or project management phase. Our experts will take care of everything. You will get your commission for each successful project that we are able to get through you. It is in our honest policies to not disclose about your referral commission to the client.

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