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Published Date: June 13, 2018 | Categories: Android

E-Commerce is steadily being replaced by M-commerce or mobile commerce and major e-commerce sellers including Flipkart are getting more than 70% of their sales through their apps. The ubiquitous smartphones are today the most preferable, convenient, and popular shopping destinations of customers worldwide. The apps allow the customers to shop at any time of the day, at any place they may be, and even on the go.

A mobile shopping app may cost at least US$ 2500. While this may be the basic cost, it may increase manifold depending on the features you want to be included in the app and the technology you might prefer. Some of the important processes associated with the mobile App development process include:

The Initial Discovery

A leading app development company interacts and holds discussions with the client so as to deduce the requirements fully. A solution is crafted, which is an amalgamation of the app developers own knowledge and expertise, and the concept provided by the client.

The Initial Skeletons

The digital service provider then includes certain features, sees how well they work together, and tries to know to what extent the features can fulfill the client aspiration.

The Development Phase

The app is built step-by-step and not in a single stride and session as some may think. The feature sets are tested and included 1 by 1 and the client is reported and briefed on each successful milestone.

Quality Check

The app is also tested towards quality on each successful milestone. The quality assurance process is important towards revealing the credibility and reliability of the app, in all instances of use, maintenance, and administration.

The Initial Launch

Once the Release Candidate Built is successfully created, the digital company may present and place the app in the digital stores including the Google play store and Apple’s iTunes store. It may provide the client everything so that he/her can do the process him/her self.


Many aspects need to be researched upon if you wish to build a website that resembles Flipkart. The extent to which the users could be engaged on the website or the app. technical as well as legal requirements and other important aspects are considered. The creation, designing, planning, and testing processes are repeated frequently until the most ideal platform is designed and created.

The Basic Costs

Below are some of the most basic expenses associated with the development of an E-Commerce.

The Android App And iPhone App Development: starts at US$ 800 and may go up to US$ 5000

Integration Of Capabilities And Features: starts at US$ 500 and make go up to US$ 1500.

Web Services: Start at US$ 500

The total cost associated with the development of an E-commerce app can be as less as $3000 and may go up to $15000 or even more.

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