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Published Date: May 24, 2018 | Categories: Drupal

The E-Commerce solution that you choose for your business website should have an end-to-end consistency and should be a modern delivery platform. An e-commerce website in today's world should concentrate on the below-given aspects.

The E-Commerce App

You cannot neglect the importance of an E-Commerce mobile app today, as the major chunk of business being done by the E-Commerce websites today (more than 70%) is through their app. Your app should be easily accessible to the customers on a range of mobile platforms including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Customization of the open software

All the relevant and highly important open source eCommerce software can be further customized so that they suit your E-Commerce platform specifically. Some of the in-demand software include OpenCart, Magento, ZenCart, and others.

The POS Software

The POS or the point-of-sale software helps you can collect payments easily, as the software is integrated into the website and e-commerce platform. For fast and effective payment collection, the software is directly linked to your merchant account.

Plugins, Module, and Responsiveness

Both plugins and modules provide greater functionality to your eCommerce platform and make it more convenient to use for the end customer. The website pages should also be optimized so that they provide a better scrolling and browsing experience to the users and customers, on different kinds of screens and devices, including laptops, personal computers, smartphones, tablet PCs, and others.


Maintenance and Support

The e-commerce development service that you choose should also provide to you 24/7/365 support and help, as selling never stops or ends on e-commerce. Prompt and effective support will ensure that no issues go out of hand and the problems are resolved soon.

Estimation of Expenses and Costs

The cost of your eCommerce platform depends heavily on the web development platform that you choose. Some of the important ones here include WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and others. The costs associated with the development of e-commerce described below.

UX/Planning: Starts at USD $ 1000

Visual Design: Starts at around USD $ 2000

Content Support and Migration: Starts at USD $ 500 and may go up to USD $ 1800

Programming: Starts at USD $ 7000 and may go up to USD $ 15000

Documentation and Client Training: This part of the website and e-commerce platform building process costs at-least USD $ 600. The cost may go up to USD $ 1800

Testing and Subsequent Launch: The testing and launch process may cause USD $ 2500 to up to USD $ 5000.

Choosing the right eCommerce template can also help you generate more leads for your e-commerce platform and website as well. Hence it is important that you consult a leading and reputed e-commerce service provider that can offer you a good return on your investment.

Going by these estimates, the total cost of launching a new E-Commerce platform is around USD $ 14000 which may go up to USD $ 30000. Hence an initial e-commerce set-up for selling around 100 products will cost around USD $ 14000.

Only a leading, competent, and an experienced digital service provider company that has ample of exposure in the e-commerce development segment can provide you the most value for money e-commerce platform development service. The company should provide you elite shipping services, secure and well-integrated payment gateways, and taxation programs, among many other features and aspects that will provide for utmost online business reliability. LN Webworks is a leading digital and web development service provider that specializes in fields including e-commerce development, web development, app development, web design, CMS development, and in other relevant niches.


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