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Published Date: May 18, 2018 | Categories: Web Designing

The best of brands today are known and remembered because of their logos in many instances, in public memory. A logo creates and reveals the Identity of a brand, brings new customers, improves brand loyalty, and distinguishes your firm from the rest of the competition. Just like humans have different colors and sizes, then the logo of a company also has its own unique character designs and colors, and is the original and unique way to reach out to the customers. A well-designed logo has three important amalgamations. These include:


Product Association


The Logo Design Process

The logo design process passes through many different stages. Some of the important ones are:

  1. The Briefing Stage

The logo is created after several pre-project conversations and discussions. The designer of the logo specifically looks into aspects including the target audience or customers, the sphere of logo usage, and the goals that the logo design wishes to achieve.

  1. The Research Stage

Colors, themes, fonts, graphics, and everything else associated with the logo design is conceived after thorough branding research.

  1. Sketching and Conceptualization

The brainstorming is towards finding out the most suitable keyword. A keyword is another aspect that can be heavily researched upon.

  1. The Initial Draft

Many different designs are conceived and out of them, a few most attractive and relevant ones are chosen. Apart from the website, the impact of the logo on the mobile, smartphone, print media, and other screens are also judged upon.

  1. Optimization

Feedback gathered leads to optimization of one or more draft logo designs. Subsequently, the most attractive, useful, and all-inclusive design is selected.

The Different Types Of Logos

Logos can be of many different types and styles. While some create more value others are associated with greater customer retention. There can be also other merits in a given logo design and type.


The Pictorial Logos

A pictorial logo often takes the form of a very colorful icon and design. Also known as a brand mark, these logos may not be very attractive or different, but they do not lose their attractiveness, even when you view them on a regular or daily basis. For instance, Twitter’s Blue Bird or Android’s Drone is a kind of pictorial logo.

The iconic or the abstract logos are also pictorial logo designs. These are more abstract and geometric but may not be easily recognizable. Pepsi and Nike logos are examples of abstract logos.

The Mascot Logos

The Mascot logos create a distinguishing atmosphere for the customer. KFC’s Colonel Muscat logo has been found to appeal to the customers immensely.

Letter Marks

Here the brand name or logo consists of more than 2 words. They may look good on different kinds of displays, examples being Hewlett Packard, Home Box Office, and others.

Word Marks

The words used in these logos carry the brand’s essence, and the word or letter formation is quite efficient. Typography is one of the most important aspects of this logo design. Disney and eBay carry these logos. The font may also be manipulated to create a better impact, for example, the VISA logo.


The iconic logos carry an altogether different style and impact on of their own, and maybe quietly memorable. For instance, Hardly Davidson, Porshe, and Starbucks have immensely attractive and iconic logo representations.

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