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Published Date: March 13, 2018 | Categories: SEO

Organic traffic is generated automatically and the website or the online business owner does not pay anything for it. Organic traffic can hence be termed as opposite to the paid traffic.

A drop in organic traffic results in the lesser visit to the business website and eventually causes a decline in sales and business revenues. Lesser web traffic may also cause a decrease in the Google rankings of the website and lead to lesser popularity on the internet. There can be many different reasons behind the drop in organic traffic.


Change in algorithms

While the external links and the website content may be a cause of the organic traffic drop, it may also occur due to a change in the Google algorithms. These changes may also be accompanied by certain changes in the way Google presents the end search results to the web visitors.

The key phrases and the keywords need to be constantly refreshed and updated for the content to appear in the Google search results. Google Trends is one way to catch up with the latest of search result designs. Google Analytics may also help you and the Google Search Console provide you the latest information in this regard.

Changes to the website

The web developer may make certain changes to the website without informing the owner, the marketing department and/or the other stakeholders. There can also be the addition of new content with new phrases and keywords that might be conflicting with the existing key phrases.

Certain web tools can crawl your web domain and find out whether there are any content-less or “no-index” pages present.


A manual penalty may be levied on your website by Google if you do not follow the quality related guidelines and instructions, and cause organic traffic drop. Google will send you a notification regarding these penalties and you can find them in the Search Console website account within the “Manual Action” section.

An algorithmic penalty main occurs when Google releases a new update to its algorithms. As there are no notifications sent by Google in this regard, you may find difficult to spot this penalty. If the organic traffic of your website has decreased, add fresh, unique and well-written content to the website, remove the bad content and also check the backlinks. Certain web crawler tools will help you find out the spams, irrelevant and other negative content.

SEO Optimisation

SEO can be a complex topic. You may need to dig deeper in order to find out the abnormality and the dysfunctionalities that plague your organic traffic. Here are some things you can do.

  • Find out the pages that have been tagged as no-index.
  • Check the mobile responsiveness of the website.
  • Check the loading speed of the web pages.
  • Correctly implement the web pages so that they can return to the original and desired web page.
  • See to it that the robot.txt file is not hindering the crawling of search engine

Click Through Rate

A webpage may have high traffic but still, fail to deliver an adequate number of clicks. This will cause a decline in sales. You can correct the issue by changing the meta-descriptions, call to actions or CTAs, messages and titles among other components of the web content. It is the Search Analytics section in the Google Search Console where you can find out about the impressions and clicks. Apart from these reasons, a website may lose organic traffic by losing crucial external and internal links as well. You can download the Google “Error” report from the Search console and pinpoint the reasons behind the loss of traffic. LN Webworks is a leading web development and SEO service provider and can help your business website to rank the best places on search engines while helping you realize your business goals as well.


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