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Business Engagement Models

We generally work by these three engagement models; however we can tweak them to meet your requirements.

Dedicated Team

What is it:

You will get dedicated team of experts who will work full time on your project only. You will be able to communicate directly with the team, Obviously our project manager will also there to make sure everything goes smooth and well.

How does it work:

You, as the founder/product owner, will provide the dedicate team initial requirements which could be either an idea or a concept, or a loose ended scope or a feature list.

This also gives you the flexibility to scale up or scale down the resources. The team will report directly and regularly to you and you have control over all aspects of the project. We will monitor the project for quality standards and step in whenever necessary.

Fixed Price Model

What is it:

The fixed price stands for the total cost of product development. There is a freezing of project requirements, written deadlines and pre determined budgets.

How does it work:

After working out on the requirements, milestones, deadlines and cost we create a team to start working on your product. The team control will be in our hands we can add or remove the people according to the need. Our project manager will be there always to ensure the quality work and on time delivery. You will get the regular updates from the project manager.

If you have the time to be actively involve in design and development process then you can go with this model.

Time and Material

What is it:

This is the pay as you go model, with billings based on how much time has been invested in your project.

How does it work:

In this model, We will assign our highly expert team with variety of skills to work on your project. This is the most flexible model as if your requirements and scope of project is constantly evolving then this model is best choice for you.

Like the other two models, you will get a project manager to handle all the communication and quality & timely delivery of project.

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