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Published Date: March 19, 2018 | Categories: Drupal

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS in use today. It is the framework of more than 2.3% of all the websites of the world. Government sites, business and corporate websites, personal blogs, political forums and websites... Drupal is a highly preferred web development platform across segments. The Drupal community has a million contributors and members and more than 130,000 people actively contribute to the community. As a result, there are around 40,000 free modules of Drupal available.

As there are so many contributors, modules and add-ons of the open source platform, getting lost in the thousands of modules is not an impossibility. However, the best of Drupal developers can better analyze the client requirements, and always know where they stand.


A Drupal developer should have a good understanding of:

  • My SQL.
  • PHP.
  • jQuery.

Skills related to Drupal development.

Proficient Drupal development requires that the Developer should possess skills related to:

  • The Drush command
  • Researching, analyzing and installing all the models related to Drupal development.
  • The configuration of the basic modules and knowledge of basic settings for starting and running an existing and/or new website.
  • Knowledge of custom themes using HTML and CSS.
  • Creation of web forms by using API.
  • A thorough understanding of the various naming conventions and the CVS systems.
  • Knowledge and skills towards customization of themes and web forms without altering the core files.
  • Knowledge towards using the custom modules and templates.



A software by the name GIT Version Control is used towards collaboration, amongst the Drupal developer community. Learning GIT helps towards easy collaboration during teamwork and will also bring to you greater organizational skills. You can also know how to create and apply the patches of the module that have been created by other developers. This way you will be able to contribute your fixes to the Drupal community.

Specialized skills

Skills and expertise related to Drupal development can be classified into three broad categories. These include website development, theming and module or backup development.

Drupal website development

The website developers should have ample of experience towards the multiple contributor models of Drupal. Image, presets, content, navigation, and taxonomy are some other areas in which Drupal developer should have adequate knowledge. Drupal developers should have info about the advantages and disadvantages of various modules and should know the limitations of these.

Theme development

The Theming Drupal professional should possess expertise in languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Implementation of responsive design and the transformation of a design into a working theme are also other important expertise areas of the Drupal developer who handle the front-end operations.

Module developers

Also called the back-end developers, the module developers should possess skills and knowledge related to the writing of the custom modules, automated deployment and formatted text among other areas. The developer should also have ample of work experience, skills, and knowledge in the server side languages including PHP.

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