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Our Methodology

We follow a very simple yet effective approach to get the desired results for our clients.

Understand Client's Specifications

Every project begin with a kick-off meeting to introduce key project requirements and deep understanding of our clients' businesses and online needs. This is the first step when we define goals and create a project schedule.

  • Collection of Requirement
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Planning – Project plan, Resource plan, Financial plan, Quality plan, Acceptance plan and Communications plan.
  • Delivery Time Estimation.

Prototype Creation

Prototyping is very important, with this we can visualize how the actual product will work. Generally, to enable visualization, we create wireframes because it will gives clear idea about how the project will work or how it will look.

We follow these steps like:

  • Our prototype includes the complete storyborad giving the clear description of everything that lies within product.
  • We use invision app to link each and every wireframe so that you can have the better idea of how everything is going to work.

Design Process

Once we have all the information along with appropriate wireframes, Our designers create the skin of the product on the basis of wireframes.

  • Our designers will use the modern design trends to create the best skin for the product.
  • We refine the appearance of the elements to match the customer satisfaction. The clients are engaged from the very beginning of the process.
  • After adding final touches, we are ready to proceed towards the development stage.

Coding Process

In this phase, we start working on website architecture, database setup and cms integration. We divide the coding part in multiple modules. Our simple process is the key of success and it also help our clients to monitor the progress quickly.

  • Our development team work out how the product will look and figure out its core functionality.
  • Its include the integration of front end & Back end of product.
  • Site Diagram / User path creation.

Testing Phase

Now with everything else in place, our team can take off, coding, writing, designing, and managing your project until we cross the finish line with energy to spare. From functionality to content, we check everything thoroughly before product delivery.

  • We check that the product performs as per its specification on various platforms.
  • Our team keep a close eye on user experience, content and functionality before the delivery to client.


Now comes the most awaited step, Launching of the product. In case of the web product we put the complete product on your server and make it live for public. After launch, we won’t forget about you. We check in to ensure everything is working smoothly, check to see if you need updates or upgrades, and make certain your customers - and you - are happy.

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