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Published Date: February 18, 2017 | Categories: Drupal

Still Thinking Why You Should Migrate Your Website To Drupal 8?

Drupal’s newest version will boast the addition of more than 200 new features. I can’t cover them all here, so here are a few of the highlights that may be especially important to the hardcore Drupal earlier version developers.

The biggest release in Web Content Management history—Drupal 8. and if you’re using a prior version or if you’ve never utilized it, this is big news for website CMS users. As the content management platform of choice for over 1 million sites, Drupal 8 boasts over 200 improvements that, in a nutshell, make it easier, quicker, and more accessible. The new release provides updates across the board so that content authors, publishers, website administrators, and web developers can deliver a better experience to their website’s users. Whether you work for a business or government organization, a professional association, or NGO, a look at the changes in Drupal 8 is worth your time. We believe that Drupal’s newest version represents a major opportunity for business leaders as well.

Drupal 8 Means Easier Content Authoring.

If you’re responsible for creating or editing content, the latest version of Drupal has some new features that are designed for making your life less demanding.The first thing you’ll notice is that the recently designed content creation page contains two sections, one for the content fields and another one for optional settings that are used less frequently. A revamped UI uses a WYSIWYG editor manager and has formatting buttons like bold, italic, images, and URLs. The interface enables you to create editable image subtitles and use a drag and drop feature for removing elements on the toolbar. Drupal users know that content changes have to be made by going into a back-end frame which is isolated from the front end where you can see the content. The new set up editing feature permits users to click on any content field and edit it on the front end.

Drupal 8 Means Mobile Everywhere.

Drupal 8 is mobile first in its approach. The new administrative toolbar follows the responsive theme that adapts to different screen sizes, and a ‘Back To Site’ button to go back to the homepage. Tables fit into any screen size without a hitch, and the new admin toolbar works well on the smartphone. Drupal 8 has gone mobile all the way by making it simple to quickly create a site that works on mobile, build APIs that can be used for mobile applications, and edit content and images from any mobile device.

Drupal 8 Means Better Language and Global Support.

In the earlier version of Drupal languages and translations are supported by a third party. huge challenges working with it. There’re lots of resources to manage – a long menu, languages separated into lots of clones, nodes increasing many times respectively.

The good news is that Drupal 8 boasts extensive multilingual features right out of the box. It assigns languages to everything and uses language-dependent page elements. Translation updates from the community are automatically facilitated. Any component of the software can be translated—taxonomy, remarks, configuration, image styles, and more. The best part? What would take at least 20 modules in Drupal 7 can now be possible with only 4 module in Drupal 8—all in the core.

Drupal 8 Means New Theme Engine

Drupal 8 includes a brand new theming engine called Twig, which is PHP-based, adaptable, fast, and secure. It’s much easier to create beautiful and more functional Drupal websites using Twig, as its templates are written in a syntax that’s less complex than a PHP layout or others while being more secure.


Drupal 8 Means More HTML5 Power to You

HTML5 is presently pretty much the accepted standard when it comes to writing web markup. The same is presently available natively in Drupal 8, giving you access to input fields like date, e-mail, mobile phone, etc., and even more functionality and compatibility with mobile and handheld devices.

Drupal 8 Means Responsive Images

An earlier version of Drupal provided image styles in the core, which allowed you to automatically resize images.

Drupal 8 takes that a step further and allows you to pick distinctive styles for individual images. The different styles will be used for various device sizes.

Drupal 8 Means Better Support for Accessibility

Drupal 8 has excellent support for industry standard accessibility technologies, as WAI-ARIA. ARIA Live Announcements API and TabManager are significant enhancements in Drupal 8, which provide control for rich Internet apps. Bells and whistles like better font sizes changed color contrasts, jQuery UI’s autocomplete, and modal dialogs go a long way towards making Drupal 8 a breeze to utilize.


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