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Published Date: March 23, 2018 | Categories: Android

The Android or Google App Store has the world's largest number of application, numbering around 3.5 million (around 87% of market share). There are tremendous benefits of being an Android app developer today. Low investment can bring you higher ROI or return on investment, and the open source platform does not have any royalty or licensing cost for you to worry about. Those having Java knowhow can easily build the Android apps, which have multiple channels for sales so that you can reap greatest revenues. Google has also officially announced another language by the name Kotlin, which can be used as words for app development.

This language is quite easy to use and learn.

Around 50,000 Android app developer jobs are always there in the US, and the app developers earn somewhere around US dollars 95,000 annually in the country (source: Forbes). The one-time registration fee of US dollars 25 and a 30% Google commission is all you have to give to have a lifetime source of income. While the learning process may require a bit of hard work, patience, and perseverance, a career in Android development is quite lucrative and promising today and has a very bright future. Also, while it may be good to have an IT related certification, you actually do not need it necessarily to be an Android app developer. Here are some tips that will help you be a successful Android development professional.

Learn the Java language

While a few android applications may be written in the C++ language, the majority of them are written in Java. If you know the Java language, you can start right now. If otherwise, you can join a Java language course or a mobile app development course. A mobile app development course will also teach you about other programming languages and will help you learn the marketing and business aspects that are related to mobile app creation and development.

Understand the difference between web applications and Android applications

While your desktop application can be used by the operating system to manage other kinds of applications and their unique priorities, the Android application can handle the external events only when you code the application for doing so. For instance, how will the application react when a text message is received? A good Android App can seamlessly work with other Apps and a good app developer should provide the best user experience as well.

Gather all the necessary tools

The Android apps can be developed on the Windows PC, a Linux machine or the Mac computers. You will have to download Java's latest version from the website of Oracle. The Android Developer Website will provide you Android SDK or Software Development Kit. You can also use the mobile app development environment by the name Eclipse. The free environment can easily integrate with SDK. You will be also required to download the Android Development Tools or Editor plugin, which will provide for a convenient way to create the Android apps, and will also bring to your table host of new features (including the Android debugger).


Learning Android API

You need to have a strong command over the various Android APIs, as this new package had entirely new command sets are also required to build an Android application, apart from the Java programming language. The codes enable you to control audio, camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and many other applications and will be the new skills you gain towards Android development.

Write the first App

You can now write your first Android app. Choose a topic of your interest, write in a number of iterations, and do not forget to test and debug. The Android app can be easily distributed through Google Android market. If you aim to work in a job, remember to team up with other colleagues and also try to master GIT version control, a framework that you will use more often than you anticipate. Put in all your expertise and knowledge and have patience. There is always scope for revision and improvement.

Android app development requires constant learning. You can satisfy the customer wishes and aspirations fully when you actually test the app multiple times. The Android developer jobs also pay very well, but you can only create at your best when you pursue something that actually interests you. Hence go for the app development job role only when you actually have passion relating to it. At LN Webworks, you will get support and work in a collaborative and learning environment. New projects will bring you a number of new skills and knowledge. Apart from Android and iOS app development, we also specialize in CMS, Website, E-Commerce and other realms of digital service.


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