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We started our journey around 7 AM in the morning and head to the office to first assembled. Afterward, we pick some of the staff members from samrala chownk and katani itself. 

Around 9 AM, we went to Raja Dhaba for our breakfast and had fun while having it.

Near about 11:30 am, we reached Fateh Burj, which is the tallest minar in India situated in the historical village of Chappar Chiri. It is officially known as Banda Singh Bahadur Road which is situated just outside the Mohali. 

Some members of our company who are good singers gave a performance in the open theater in Fateh Burj only.

Around 1 pm in the afternoon, we took our lunch in Katani Dhaba and did a lot of chit chatting there. 

Moreover, in the evening we went to Sukhna Lake and also did boating there which is full of fun and also a bit tiring. While doing boating we had a couple of drinks and enjoyed a lot.

On the way back to Ludhiana, we had our supper at Raja Dhaba and spend a good time with the staff.

As soon as the clock ticked to 9:30 pm we reached our destination which is Ludhiana and went back to our houses and dozed off.


Overall, we had a great experience. All the staff member's totally enjoyed the trip. We created the best moments out of it and will definitely make these type of plans further!

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