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Published Date: March 19, 2018 | Categories: Web Designing

18 years down the millennium, web designing has maintained its innovative capacities and has also overcome many technical challenges. Web design and development has contributed towards the growth of online businesses, provided for fantastic User experience across PCs and mobile devices, and is now very intuitive and user-friendly. Being a digital medium, web designing is more prone to technological changes. Leading and reputed studio heads and web designers point at the following trends and techniques, which will be hot and favorite in the year 2018.

Mobile Optimization

With most of online sales and revenues coming from mobile devices including smartphones, the interest and investment towards improving web designing in this segment have been aided. Micro-environment provides for immediate feedback on the actions the mobile users take. The “Mobile First Index” of Google will be launched in 2018 and Google will notice the mobile-friendliness of a website prior to yielding its search results. Mobile Optimization and responsiveness related improvements are still a long way to go, however. Technologies including an AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages and mobile responsiveness are some efforts in the same direction. 2018 will also witness more use of animation within the mobile interface. Also, the use of graphics will increase over the PNG and the JPEG images as these are more scalable.


Animation integration

Animations are a more interactive way to communicate with the users and are preferred over the static images. Animations can also be integrated into navigation and scrolling and are an amusing Focal Point. These are also perfect for storytelling, teaching, transitions, drawing attention and pacing.

Broken symmetry

The attractive, distinctive and unique broken symmetry web design is making a big come back in the year 2018. The layout that was initially experimental is now to amalgamating many more user-friendly features. These broken grid layouts will be especially used by large corporations who can take a bit more risk and can challenge the existing symmetrical designs.

AI or Artificial Intelligence

New Artificial Intelligence or AI technologies related to web design and development like Chabot are going to be more popular. These conversational interfaces provide for effortless web surfing and have been brought into the mainstream web designing. We are all familiar with Apple's Siri voice assistant and Google's Home. Giant online businesses including Netflix and Amazon are also using artificial intelligence vehemently. Web design improvements will make an AI invisible and natural and will also demonstrate it better.

Playful and Engaging Illustrations

Playful and attractive illustrations can bring to a web design personality. The illustrations do not alter the simplicity or functionality of a website while making it more visually engaging and intuitive. They make for a presentation and can explain information better, while also providing a rescue from boredom.

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Pankaj Kumar - Designing Lead

Pankaj sets the vision and strategy for LN webworks. With years of experience in design and development of web and mobile technologies, Pankaj brings his deep technical knowledge & creativity to deliver complex projects right as they’re required in the most innovative ways.

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