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Published Date: April 26, 2018 | Categories: Drupal

Drupal is the framework and CMS on which more than 2% of all websites of the world are based. While Drupal is a very simple CMS, it can be used to run very complex business websites as well. Drupal is the framework on which the websites of MTV Europe and The Economist, among other leading worldwide businesses, is based upon. Here are some reasons why Drupal can be the best CMS for your website.

Better SEO Integration

If you want a website for business purposes, Drupal is the best framework for it. Drupal provides you a better control over the URLs and has the CCK or the Content Construction Kit that can be used for creating new types of content. You do not need to have any programming knowledge to manage the Drupal CMS. It also provides for SEO friendly “Page Titles”, integrates easily with Google Analytics, and allows “multiple user management” so that you can have more than 1 blogs. Hence business goals and SEO can be better accomplished on a Drupal website.


Drupal is an open source CMS and hence a user does not has to pay anything towards using the Drupal software. With more than 1.3 million memberships Drupal has one of the largest web communities in the world. The 109,000 member strong Drupal active community and contributed more than 35000 free modules so far. The Drupal themes number more than 2500 and are free of cost as well.

State-Of-The-Art Security

The Drupal Security Advisory Team leads the worldwide community of Drupal contributors towards implementing the best and latest of security updates and patches. Drupal has a 24 by 7 implemented security system for preventing the online hacks. The user has to only remember updating the Drupal software and the rest is automatically done. Leading public organizations in the world, including the London Government and NASA, use Drupal for their organizational web pages, which reflects on the higher standards of quality adopted by Drupal.


The World CMS

Drupal can be termed as the world CMS as it is multilingual. Drupal modules and its basic functions are available in more than 90 languages of the world. Mandarin, English, French, Arabic… no matter in which part of the world you want to use Drupal and what your native language is, the Drupal CM is very convenient to implement and handle. What more! the flexibility of the CMS makes it convenient for users speaking different languages to customize the pages, polls, forums, blogs, aesthetics, layout, stock images, and everything associated with Drupal in any language they want.

Diverse Functionalities

One reason why Drupal is used for many different kinds of websites including blogs, business websites, and others is that it can offer an astounding number of functional features. It has models and tools for almost everything. Advanced management of menu, graphics management, and user management are quite easy on the CMS. The users can create a number of contents like polls, videos, text, statistics, podcast, blogs and many other kinds of web content on Drupal relatively easily. One can also manage the page content and graphics, and the all-time available support provides for an instant solution of any kind of problem.

Drupal is a highly flexible, reliable, and robust CMS and is preferred by users, enterprises developers, and public institutions alike. Drupal websites can also be easily customized for mobile usage and the CMS keeps itself updating so that you can provide the best user experience across platforms while amalgamating all the new technologies on your website. We at LN Webworks specialize in web development and offer you world-class digital solutions at a very affordable cost.


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