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Published Date: March 19, 2018 |

IT or Information Technology does not only merely involve experiments, science, and manipulation of data/information, but is also the backbone of modern businesses. IT companies are amongst the most employee-friendly employers in the world. They offer higher wages and a number of benefits to employees. As IT is constantly improving and evolving, IT professionals also undergo several courses and certifications while being on job. An individual can also obtain IT-related skills, knowledge, expertise, and certification by joining a course on his/her own. So what is better, joining an IT company or undergoing a training towards attaining the IT or other skills, knowledge, and expertise? Here is a brief comparison to help you know why an IT job is better.

Hands-on experience in the real world project

When you join an IT company you get exposure towards the handling of real-life projects. Depending on the technology, you are actually fully geared towards attaining the client goals and objectives.

An IT training and certification may or may not involve exposure to real-world projects. You may go by the book and limit yourself towards solving the old question papers and reading the books that were written decades ago. While there are certain IT certifications that require that you actually undertake at least some projects that have a real-world implication, you may enroll in others where traditional learning is followed.


Work in IT industry without an IT degree

One may not find an IT certification interesting or may not have passion geared towards amalgamating IT skills and expertise. There are multiple roles available within the IT industries and businesses that people from other educational and experience backgrounds can join. Some of these include sales executive, office managers, executives of customer support cell, finance and accounts executives etcetera. Hence, even if you are not interested in learning about IT, there are plenty of high paying jobs within the business segment that can provide you with a lucrative career.

On-job Training

As discussed before, an IT company may have an in-house certificate program to amalgamate within its employee suitable skills and expertise that may be a value to the company and/or its clients. Most of these training programs are provided free of cost to the employees and employers bear all the cost associated with the updated or new certifications. Some other IT companies offer reimbursement to their employees so that they can pursue an IT course of their liking. These monetary reimbursements are provided to employees who have spent a certain amount of time (for instance 1 or 2 years) in the company.

On the other hand, if you pursue a training yourself, you will have to bear all the expenses related to it. Hence a job in a reputed IT company can help you in learning while earning.

Perks and Privileges

While an IT training and certification course that you pursue will never have any wages and privileges for you to be excited about, a job in the IT company will have long-term benefits for your career. The experience that you gain is also valuable and may value more towards promotion and salary hike than the training you are seeking.

"A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" is an old saying that still has relevance today. If you are looking to undergo a training including IT certification and training, it is good to be in a job and pursue the certification in your free time. LN Webworks is a leading IT company specializing in CMS Development, Custom Web development, Mobile App Development, Web Design, e-Commerce Development and Quality Assurance. One of the most popular IT employers in India, the company has an unmatchable innovative and learning culture and supports its employees through educational programs, awards, recognition, and monetary reimbursements so that they stay motivated towards attaining higher certifications.


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